Welcome to Curacao!

This great island has so much to offer and we hope you will fall in love with it like we have.

Directions from airport to the Villa:

  1. After renting a car at the airport, turn right to leave the airport and follow the road for about 3 kilometers until you get to the roundabout with a large metallic sculpture of an iguana. If you want to go to CENTRUM, a big supermarket, please go to # 6
  2. If you are heading directly to VistaMar, then take your first right at the roundabout towards Westpunt
  3. You will drive 12.5 kilometers on this road. You will pass the intersection that takes you to Willibrordus (this is the place where you can observe flamingoes in the wild) but do not take it now. Keep going straight. You will pass Daniel on your right-hand side (this is a great restaurant and we have discount coupons). You’ll also pass a village called Tera Cora, you pass by a large gas station on your left-hand side. About 2 kilometers after it you will come to an intersection where you make a left towards Soto and Lagun.
  4. After making a left, you’ll drive 8.4 kilometers. Make a left immediately after passing the “Sarto School” (there will also be a yellow church on your right-hand side)
  5. This is the winding road you’ll drive for about 4.0 kilometers to the Villa. You’ll pass by an old landhuis named Santa Martha (a “landhuis” is a colonial plantation home that is popular in this part of the island). You’ll also pass by the buildings that comprised the Sunset Waters Hotel. When you get to the small round about in front of what used to be the reception building, you turn left and about 0.8 km past the hotel you’ll find a group of about 15 homes. The first house you will find has several tall radio antennas. VistaMar Villa stands tall on top of the hill. Continue driving straight through this winding road until you reach the top of the hill, soon after on your right-hand side you will find a road, do not take it, keep going for about 0.2 kilometers and you will arrive at VistaMar, which is the last home on your left-hand side before you start going down the hill. This will be your home, sweet home for the next few days.
  6. DIRECTIONS TO GO TO CENTRUM, THE BIG SUPERMAKET. When coming from the airport you get to the first roundabout, the one with the metal iguana, do not turn right, keep going straight. You will come to another roundabout, keep going straight. You will come to a traffic light about one mile past the second roundabout, turn right and the grocery store CENTRUM will be on your left-hand side. You cannot miss it. (Open: Mo – Fri 7:30 AM-7:30 PM, Sat 7:30 AM-8:00 PM and Sun 7:30 AM-5:00 PM). Return the same way until you reach the iguana roundabout. Here make a left going towards Westpunt. Follow the directions above.
  7. If you need groceries after hours there is a small grocery store that carries a lot of things and is opened until 11:00 PM. When you leave your house, come to the main road and instead of turning right to go to Willemstad, turn left going towards Lagun. About half a mile on your right you will pass by an old plantation house called Klein Santa Martha (this is also a great restaurant by the way – we have discount coupons). Keep going for about 3.2 kilometers and you will come to an intersection. You will find a small supermarket that can supply your needs. It is usually filled with local people and load music, do not fear, they are all very friendly.

Local property managers:

  • Inge (pronounced Ingah) and Dirk (pronounced Derik)
  • Inge’s phone number is (+5999)660-4324 and Dirk’s number is (+5999)560-6707. Their home phone number is (+5999)864-4228, and their magicJack number is 305 515 9792.
  • Inge and Dirk will be waiting for you at the house upon your arrival. They will give you the house keys, gate remote control and give you tips on the house (e.g. how to operate the appliances, internet, general house rules information, etc.).
  • Their house is directly across the house with the tall radio antennas.
  • Dirk and Inge will give you more information about what to do, places to visit in Curacao and discount coupons to nearby restaurants.

Nearby Beaches: 

  • There’s a beach and lagoon just a 3-minute drive from the Villa. It’s the beach that used to belong to the Sunset Waters Hotel.
  • Cas Abao is about a 15-minute drive from the house back along the road you came down when driving from the airport to the house. This beach is large and rather popular. You can rent beach chairs, lockers and snorkeling gear. There is also a restaurant & bar on the beach. Keep in mind there’s a small entrance fee per car.
  • Kenepa Grande (also known as KNIP) is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. In fact, my son got married on the cliff overlooking this beach. This beach is about a 20-minute drive from the house and is in the opposite direction of the airport. It’s very popular among locals and you can do some cliff jumping. There’s also a small snack bar.
  • Kenepa Chiki is a smaller beach just down the road from Kenepa Grande. It’s also beautiful and has some cliffs, albeit smaller than Kenepa Grande.
  • Westpunt is a bit further down the main road past the turn you’d take for the Kenepa beaches. At this beach you can do some cliff jumping and eat at the restaurant that sits atop the cliff and gives you gorgeous views of the shoreline.

Kura Hulanda Lodge is all the way at the western tip of the island, about a 25-minute drive from the house. It has a very long beach and all of the amenities you’d expect from a resort.

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